Tad's Plan 9 Page


Updated: Sat Jul 15 18:25:00 EDT 2000

The Official Plan9 website.

Russ Cox's Plan 9 page. Russ has a good brief description about why you might want to use Plan 9.

Charles Forsyth's website. Links to Plan 9 and Inferno software, among other stuff.


I got sick of balancing my checking account by hand because I continually ended up with discrepancies from the bank. So I threw together this simple C program to balance my budget.

More information is here.


Updated: Sun Jun 18 23:41:00 EDT 2000

I just finished installing Plan9 on my Laptop (IBM Thinkpad 600E) and played around with enough of the networking stuff to figure out that roaming the laptop between home and work would give me some trouble, so I wrote a nifty script called netconfig which I invoke from /rc/bin/termrc (instead of invoking ip/ipconfig).

netconfig prompts for a system name which it uses to lookup the ip address, ip mask, and ip gateway. My /lib/ndb/local gives netconfig enough information to to configure the ethernet.

There are no other entries yet because the only other place I really roam to is work, where I use DHCP for configuration.


Updated: Sat Jul 15 18:29:54 EDT 2000

Someone on 9fans was looking for an uptime(1) implementation. Here is one I threw together in 5 minutes that gives the length of time the system has been up.

Modify as you like to add additional information. (On Solaris, it gives the current time, uptime, number of users, and load average).

Russ Cox showed my attempt up with an implementation in rc(1).

Plan9 port of mpg123-0.59r

Updated: Wed Mar 22 10:16:00 EST 2000

I ported the MPG123 player (http://www.mpg123.com) to Plan9 so that I could listen to music I downloaded off the Internet without booting into an inferior operating system.

The APE made the port fairly trivial. It boiled down to mostly CPP gimmics.

Build Instructions: INSTALL.plan9

The Patch: mpg123-0.59r-p9.tar