Updated: Sun Mar 11 18:59:57 PST 2001
	I got sick of balancing my checking account by hand because I
	continually ended up with discrepancies from the bank. So I threw
	together this simple C program to balance my budget.

	It has turned out to be very useful, and as long as I enter
	my transactions, it's much easier to resolve discrepancies
	in sam(1) then on paper.



Build instructions

		shell$ tar xvf [balance.tar]
		shell$ make install

		rc% tar xvf [balance.tar]
		rc% mk install

Input language


	"code" {code} {desc}			Create a Transaction Code
	"acct" {name} {parent} {desc}		Create an account
	"year" {year}				Set the current year
	"assert" "balance" {acct} {amount}	Verify expected balance


	{tid} {mm}"/"{dd} {amount} {code} [{src}]"->"{dst} {desc}

	tid	Transaction ID (can be anything, typically a check number)
	mm/dd	month and day the transaction occurred (use the "year" cmd
		to set the year)
	amount	transaction amount (always positive)
	code	transaction code
	src	source account
	dst	destination account
	desc	freeform transaction description


	balance [-b acct] [-e yyyy/mm/dd] [file]

	-b      print final balance for acct.
	-e      only process transactions through yyyy/mm/dd