Climbing at Mount Woodson, Poway, CA, February 7, 2003

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Eric looking excited to get going. All of the five lines we climbed are at least partially visible here.

The first is the crack I led on the left. After that, I set a toprope off the anchor bolts.

We then climbed a line which starts at the right edge of the upside down "U" at the base of the climb, just to the left of Eric. That line went up and slightly right to the first horizontal crack, just about where Eric's head is. From there, it went straight up to the diagonal crack, followed that crack across (the obvious chalk mark is a good hold), then proceeded up to the top with slab moves.

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I thought the "direct route" looked doable. I attempted on it and succeeded! The line goes straight up and slightly left to the horizontal crack where the short vertical edge meets it. Getting here with your hands setup correctly is hard. (The left needs to be in the horizontal crack, just left of the edge). From there, it is straight up to the excellent backwards "C" which is a nice rest. After that , there is one or two hard moves to get into the slabby part. I fell here, but had Eric lower me so I could repeat it from the rest, and I got it.

The fourth and fifth routes also shared a finish. The fourth was on the right side, up a nifty crack. No feet for the first few moves, but the rock is so rough and sticky, it didn't matter. The fifth route went up the back right corner. Both routes top out about where the dark black looking bulge is on the top right. of the rock. The top-out move is hard, and the first few moves on the fourth route are hard.

I would rate the two face climbs around 5.10b, and the crack on the right hand side about a 5.10c. The fifth route, the bottom half is basically a chimney, is probably a 5.9+ or 5.10a, just because of the top-out move and the transition over the roof. (Pictures are coming up).

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