mkss - A much more full featured slideshow creation script. This script takes two arguments. The first is the name of an HTML template which forms the basis of a page in the slideshow. The second argument is the content file. It contains the list of images and captions for the pages in theslideshow. In addition it defines some variables, such as the previous and next buttons, the URL prefix for the images, and the URL for the directory the buttons are in.

Danielle put together a great slideshow template (available here: ss-template.html), which we first used for the pictures from our our Las Vegas climbing trip

An example slideshow content file is here: redrocks-day1.txt

Running the mkss script on the slideshow template and this content file produced the following slideshow: Climbing in Red Rock Canyon - Day 1

	sh$ ls
	sh$ ./mkss ./ss-template.html ./redrocks-day1.txt

The next and previous arrow buttons go in the SUPPORTDIR specified in the content file. If SUPPORTDIR is not specified, it defaults to the current directory.

Updated: Mon Apr 29 13:01:33 PDT 2002

mkpic - The script I threw together to build slide shows. It should work most anywhere you can use awk(1), though unless you have the rc(1) (manpage, document) shell, you'll need to change the #!/bin/rc at the top to use your favorite shell, or feed the script into awk(1) directly.

I created the outside and inside slideshows with this tool. The source for the slideshows are here.

ms2html - A simple awk script to turn simple troff -ms source into HTML. It also supports a HTML tag inside troff comments (.\") so you can put inline HTML in your documents. I find this most useful for putting in pictures and href's. My Bartram Trail Journal was written in troff using the ms macro package. The troff source is here. It makes use of this "extension".