Climbing in Red Rock Canyon - Day 2

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Danielle: YEAH! Our second day of climbing at Red Rocks! I wish the day would never end :)

We started off the morning by climbing at the Black Corridor. This time we climbed in the lower section, where as yesterday we were in the upper section. Now we're heading over to The Gallery to see what the climbs are like over there.

Tad: These shots are from our second afternoon of climbing at Red Rock Canyon.

This is a view of The Gallery, the second climbing area we went to. The vertical face near the center of the photo, at the lower end of the long sloping block is where we climbed. You can see a left-leaning crack mid-way across this face. That is about where we were climbing. But first, we had to get there. This entailed much more scrambling over steep creviced rock then the hike to the Black Corridor. The view was really amazing though, since we were in a wide open area.

Notice the rounded humps of rock in the left side of the picture. They (and most of this rock here) are ancient sand dunes which over time have solidified and turned into sandstone.

While climbing here, we saw a climber take a huge whipper (about a 30+ foot fall) from the top right corner of the face, right before he clipped into the last bolt. The climb was quite overhanging, and was probably named Glitch (5.12c), or Nothing Shocking (5.13a) (which is basically a continuation of Glitch). Luckily, since the wall was so overhanging, he didn't hit anything. Let me tell you, when I saw him falling out of the corner of my eye, the adrenaline started pumping!

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