Tad's Birthday Weekend: Climbing at Lovers Leap, Lake Tahoe, CA

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Danielle: Here's me starting off on the Preparation H, probably a 5.8 as well. We just swung our ropes over to the right, so we didn't have to move our anchor over. You can see the rope to the left, and that's what tad was on in the previous pictures. I took a spill early on this climb. I took tad's advice, which he had me start the climb closer to the crack, where he went further to the left. He said he would be a lot easier! Yeah right. When I fell, I swung sideways, which seemed for ever, dragged my body through the bushes below, and tad had to grab me so I would stop. I got scratched quite a bit.

Actually this was my favorite climb of the day. I had to do some interesting stem moves. And constantly use features of the crack, face, etc.


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