Tad's Birthday Weekend: Climbing at Lovers Leap, Lake Tahoe, CA

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Danielle: We went back to the Hogsback, so Tad could Lead a multi-pitch route himself. Tad settled on Knapsack Crack about a 5.3. You want to start on something really easy when you're leading for the first time. Though tad has done sport leading before (where you clip into the bolt), he's never done trad leading. It is much, much harder. You're usually in one spot for a while, while you figure out which type of device to use, and make sure it's secure in the crack. Plus, the gear on your harness is HEAVY.

The guide actually soloed beside Tad as he placed the gear. Soloing is without a rope. The guide did that all the way up. I know a 5.3 is really easy, but look how high the cliff is.

I belayed from Tad from below. As I expected, I was down below for awhile. Then after they set the anchor up top. This picture you can se the two of them on the top of the 1st pitch. Now this was my first time cleaning the gear. It wasn't easy. The nuts, you have to use a tool, to knock them lose, and then gently move them around until they slip out of the crack. I couldn't get the first one out and became very frustrated. The guide came down and helped me. The rest from there went pretty smoothly, though all the cams banging into my legs were annoying. I had tennis size bruises on my legs. Plus the gear sling around my neck chocked me because it wasn't fitted properly.


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