Tad's Birthday Weekend: Scaling Mount Tallac, Lake Tahoe, CA

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Danielle: It's probably about 5 now and we're on the last leg of our hike. The scenery becomes more breathtaking the higher we climb. On the other side of Mt. Tallac we'll be able to experience great views of Lake Tahoe.

This hike is supposed to be one of the more scenic hikes in the Tahoe area and rivals the Rim Trail views. The Rim Trail runs for hundreds of miles along the tops of canyons, surrounding Lake Tahoe. There aren't many hikes that give you exposed views of the Tahoe Lake.

Tad: I think Danielle is being very optimistic. Here we've reached what is basically the summit, and it is probably more like 6:30PM. The actual summit is maybe a quarter mile away, but we're at the top, and can see Lake Tahoe through the cleft between the peaks. We crossed a bunch of snow fields on the way up. It was hard to tell exactly where the trail went, so we just went toward the top until we couldn't go up any more! I loved the view down into the valley. We could see several small lakes, and there was still snow everywhere. Believe it or not, the snow was all packed with ski and snowboard tracks. Doing some backcountry snowboarding would be a blast. I'd love to come back here in the winter, snowshow up to the top, then snowboard back down.

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