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(Saturday, October 13, 2001) The forest fire. It appears to have started from a huge tree which was struck by lightning. You'll see a picture of the stump in the next picture. The fire is basically contained by a big flat granite outcropping to the left, and a cliff face to the right. So it was forced to run in a line along the trees at the base of the cliff. Most of the trees survived with little damage. A few trees whose trunks made it through the worst of the fire had flames and smoke coming out of the roots at the base of the trunk. I don't know if they'll survive or not. There were a few whose needles were all burnt off, where the fire "crowned", and just consumed all of the needles. Those trees were fairly small though. The bigger trees didn't seem too bad off. You can see all of the green needle covered branches; they're all above the burn area. The fire passed them by without burning them up.

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