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(Saturday, October 13, 2001) After a couple of miles, I arrived at Long Lake. This is a good shot with the peak in the distance reflected in the lake. Again, the granite is the predominant feature. The lake was amazingly clear. There was a boy scout troop cavorting about along the right side of the lake, and an older guy and his wife fishing behind that rock on the point on the left side of the picture. My eventual destination is Bear Lake, through the gap to the left of the peak.

One thing I have noticed in most Western (Colorado, and now here in California) parks and wilderness areas is that horses are not only allowed, but are much in evidence. The older couple didn't hike in; they rode in on horses, which were tethered where the trail met the lake. There was also quite a bit of horse crap along the trail, and some areas were quite heavily damaged from so much hoof traffic.

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